The Photography of David H. (Dave) Cottrell

Welcome to the photography of Dave (David H.) Cottrell. Enjoy your visit and come back often. All images are copyright Dave (David H.) Cottrell.

Welcome to the photography of David H. (Dave) Cottrell

Welcome to the photography of Dave Cottrell.  Dave uses many lenses in many locations, but prefers to use a Canon DSLR.  High megapixels are not a priority.  In fact, he gave up his much higher resolution Canon T1i in favour of the more solid and heavier Canon 20D.  His favourite lens is his Tamron LD Aspherical XR 28 – 300mm 1:3.5 – 6.3 MACRO with a 62mm OPTEX 1A filter.  He almost always shoots raw.

The super wide angle lens (fisheye) is an auxiliary lens that threads to a 58mm filter mount.  Dave uses it both for close photography where there is not enough distance to include everything with a normal or zoom lens, or in places where the landscape or cityscape offers some very interesting special effects.

For indoor photography of people for candid portraits, his favourite lens is the Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 lens.  It works very well indoors, rarely requiring a flash in normal indoor light and is a fraction of the cost (and worry) of the 50mm L lens.

Most of the close up/macro photos of flowers and insects are done with a zoom lens, most often, the 28 – 300mm.   In some cases, an auxiliary macro lens is used.

Some night shots are done simply by setting the shutter for a long exposure, then actually depressing the shutter button.  Others are done with the remote, again, with the shutter set for a long exposure, based on the available light on or from the subject.  One challenge Dave has faced is the wind.  On long exposure shots, even with the camera securely mounted on a good tripod, heavy as the 20D is, the wind can cause it to vibrate, blurring the photo.   For this a windscreen is a necessary addition to the arsenal, especially for blood moons, where the only available light is red.

Please enjoy and leave a comment!  I always welcome feedback.

Unless otherwise indicated, all images are the sole and copyright property of David H. Cottrell.

You are most welcome to share these photos with your friends, as long as it is by linking directly to this site, with the copyright information in place.


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The photography of Dave Cottrell

Photography of Dave Cottrell

The photography of David H. (Dave) Cottrell The photography of Dave Cottrell is an eclectic mix of the natural and the natural, distorted.  Dave uses several lenses in many different locations, but prefers a Canon DSLR.  High resolution is not his priority.  In reality,

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