kodak retina IIIc camera

Kodak Retina Cameras

 Kodak Retina Cameras

by Dave Cottrell

Kodak Retina cameras have been around for a long time, and are very collectible.

I’ve personally owned many Kodak Retina cameras from the Retina Is to the Retina SLRs and still have a few in my collection.

The slide show featured below is of a Retina IIIc I sold a while ago.  It is a very pretty camera, in excellent condition, with matching shutter and lens.  It’s very important to collectors that the number on the lens and shutter match.  


The Kodak Retina line of German made 35mm cameras began in 1934, after Kodak’s 1931 purchase of Dr. August Nagel Camerawerk in Stuttgart, Germany.

Dr. Nagel continued to run the plant and helped develop the Retina camera.  The first one, the Kodak Retina I (Type117), was produced in 1934 and 1935.  It was a folding camera, finished in black laquer, with nickel plated control surfaces.  The wind and rewind knobs were large in diameter, and the film release clutch was on the wind knob.  The advance release knob was beside the wind knob, and the exposure counter was beside the rewind knob.  The shutter release lever was mounted directly on the shutter housing.  The shutter housing was connected to the camera body with a bellows and support mechanism that retracted into the camera body when the camera was folded shut.

There were three shutter/lens combinations that might be found on one of these fine cameras in collector’s displays.  They are Schneider-Xenar f3,5 5cm in Compur shutter, Schneider-Xenar f3,5 5cm in Compur-Rapid shutter and Kodak-Anastigmat f3,5 5cm in Compur shutter.

Kodak Retina I (Type 010), c. 1948

Kodak Retina I (Type 010), c. 1948, a later version of the Retina I camera, which came out in 1948. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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