Dave Cottrell

Dave Cottrell –  pastor, photographer, translator, writer

Dave Cottrell, writer, photographer

Dave is an award-winning writer, now writing articles on a very broad spectrum of subjects, including, but not limited to, the IT industry and business. He also professionally translates French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German into clear American English.

Dave Cottrell is experienced in web-based marketing, website development, advertising solutions, email marketing, website management, database management, and basic html programming including PHP.  He is interested in writing, translating and community development with the goal of providing high quality content, advertising solutions and strong, lasting business relationships.

Dave writes for blogs, websites and the printed medium, according to his client’s needs. His services include creative articles, high quality proof-reading, editing and re-writing, copy writing and content auditing.

Find out more about these services at American English Translations.

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