Time is a flame
Brightly, it burns
Consuming life

Is time a friend?
An ally… maybe
Or greedy inferno

Time is on your
Side; whose side?
Foolish youth

How it burns
Brightly, consuming
Then, the coals

The night comes
Cold as time
The light goes out.

It’s kind of funny, in a twisted sort of way, perhaps. When I was a kid, time moved ever so slowly. I found it hard to wait for anything. When I hit my twenties, I had a hard time waiting for weekends, and couldn’t imagine being thirty! On my fortieth birthday, I found myself walking around my front yard in the evening, wondering in amazement how forty years had passed so quickly! Now, as I approach fifty, I clearly see that this life is very fleeting, as the days rush by in a blur, and the realization of how important it is to be ready for eternity is becoming extremely clear.

© Dave (David H.) Cottrell

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