Dave Cottrell is a pastor, writer, translator and photographer.  He has  Chronic Lyme Disease from a tick bite, one of the risks of enjoying the great and wild outdoors .  Lyme disease, unless diagnosed and aggressively treated early, makes life rather difficult.

Dave and his lovely wife were married in 1978, have four children, seven grandchildren, two dogs and a cat.  The cat owns everyone.

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Dave and Kathy have had dogs and cats living with them since a little dog literally leaped into their lives to escape a ferocious house cat in 1978.


Dave Cottrell – pastor, writer, translator and photographer.  He formerly owned a heavy equipment maintenance business, before contracting Chronic Lyme Disease from a tick bite. Lyme disease, unless diagnosed and aggressively treated early, makes life rather difficult.

Dave Cottrell is the owner of American English Translations, providing accurate translations into native American English from most languages, plus writing services of all kinds. He is also the owner of Classified Ad Land and the online newspaper, Wet Coast Daily.

He has recently finished a short term contract as the affiliate manager for Adlandpro, an Internet success story created by visionary Canadian, Bogdan Fiedur in 1998.

Dave Cottrell lives in Gibsons, BC. He is married with four adult children & seven grandchildren. He is an outdoorsman, with a passion for photography, especially in the outdoors.

His calling is being the pastor of Sunshine Community Baptist Church, a small, Independent Baptist church started about twenty years ago. Being involved in online business has helped to support him in this ministry.

Dave & his wife, Kathy, married in 1978, were introduced to their first experience in direct marketing shortly after they were married. He was the naive young face in the group who was quickly recruited to present the business plan. Dave has built very large international organisations, and has also managed a large international online affiliate database.

Dave Cottrell is a North American living in Canada

He was born in Canada.  His family tree includes Scottish, Welsh, French and Ojibway and back a bit more, a Jewish great-great-grandmother.  A cousin said his great grandmother on his dad’s side was French and Ojibway, and explained it was the French in her that inspired her to give Dave’s grandfather the middle name of Cuthbert (which – sad to say – just doesn’t sound the same in English).

Some of his ancestors have lived in America for as long as it has been inhabited.  Some more recent ones were born in Canada.  Some were born in the USA.  Some came directly from Europe to settle in Canada.  Though he holds Canadian citizenship, he is at home on both sides of this still friendly international border between Canada and the USA.

In 2007, undiagnosed Lyme disease struck and in a matter of months, Dave was virtually bedridden. It took several years to get accurately diagnosed and begin treatment, but although it is a very slow process, he has been improving, and is back online again at American English Translations. Dave’s experience, persistence and never say die attitude can help anyone who desires to succeed and is open to learning and hard work. Contact him at jcfs@usa.net .


  • UBC, Sir Sanford Fleming, SOHK (School of Hard Knocks)

  • Sunshine Community Baptist Church


  • Writing
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Translation
  • Photgraphy
  • Affiliate Marketing

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Dave Cottrell lives in Elphinstone, a rural area connected to Gibsons, BC, frequented by birds and wildlife of all kinds.