The Poetry of Dave Cottrell

The Poetry of Dave (David H.) Cottrell

The Poetry of Dave Cottrell – from 1970 to present

Child of Tears

Oh child of tears, why are your eyes
Dried so with trails of pain?
Where is the joy of careless play?
Or where the bright young laughter?

Child of tears, who will wipe your face
Or hug you close and take away your fears?
Where is the hand that leads you?
Or where the voice that comforts?



Time is a flame
Brightly, it burns
Consuming life

Is time a friend?
An ally… maybe
Or greedy inferno



What Ever Happened to Albert Mert?

Now on a happier note we see
Chimpanzees up in a tree

Parakeets eat buttered toast
While alcoholic hunters boast


White Flag

Day one:

We went out

Into that boiling hell-hole

Of wind burned





O Bird

Raise your wings,

O bird.

Your shadowed eyes

shall hide no longer.

Your hook’ed beak-

Your grasping claws

shall race the lightning

in the mist of your

haunted isle.


Small Boy and Farm Life

When you were young on

the farm – remember that?

The world was big

time soooo slow

Dusty roads and cotton

Chickens under the steps


What is a friend?

what is a friend?

Someone who shares hope

knowing the truth that sometimes pains

seeing inside you feeling the aches



sharing laughter and tears

willing to wait till the storm’s over



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