What Ever Happened to Albert Mert?

What Ever Happened to Albert Mert?

Now on a happier note we see
Chimpanzees up in a tree

Parakeets eat buttered toast
While alcoholic hunters boast

Of elephants of green and gold
They shot while sleeping in the fold.

Anacondas, black and blue
Digest bananas, crates and glue

Piranhas daintily express
singular pleasure at the mess

Of crumbs and nails falling fast
of gluedrops making gay repast.

Up in the skies the lark’s a lark
He chews on leaves and rubber bark

The tiger’s burning ever bright
A hunter strikes an Eddy light

And drunks get drunker through the night
While natives fly a coloured kite.

While I am flying higher still
One lonely man, ten thousand pills

A cuckoo’s nest I see below
Between the treetops, row on row

To you from flaming hands I throw
Large hunks of wood, pine pitch and dough.

Up, up we go on elder vines
On sour grapes and ancient wines

With apes and monkeys, hard hats on
And pigs that fly par avion

Nice tight jackets tied in back
While soldiers fight a Mac Attack.

Whirling, spinning in a haze
Faster, faster, flying daze (days?)

Tighter, tighter, sparks and flame
No one knows just who to blame

Tried to lighten living load
Laughing, crying, lights, explode!


Here beneath this mound of dirt
Lies what remains of Albert Mert

Tried too hard to find a way
To make it through another day

Seems the folly comes too close
When playing with an overdose.

During the 1960s and throughout the 1970s, I saw friends and friends of friends get into serious trouble and even die as a result of experimenting with drugs. Many of them thought using drugs was a way to be “cool” or popular, while others used them to cover up other things they were going through, rather than facing their problems and dealing with them. The result were and still are, tragic.

© Dave (David H.) Cottrell

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