Photography – random as it gets!

Photography is an absolute passion of mine.   I’ve taken an untold number of photos over the years.  The cameras I have used include 620 and 120 format box cameras (fabulous for landscapes), 126 cassette cameras (sticky in cold weather and never more than utiliarian, folding cameras in various formats, 35mm SLR (single lens reflex), digital point-and-shoot cameras, digital phones and of course, my various Canon DSLR cameras, which I really love to shoot with.

My present DSLR is a Canon 50D.  It is heavy, compared to modern mirrorless Canons.  I prefer a heavy camera.  It sits steadier in my hands than a light camera, which is important for some of the lighting conditions I find myself in.

Furthermore, my 50D is a tank that will withstand a lot of banging, and, worse case scenario, if it gets destroyed it won’t break the bank (as long as I get the memory card!!).

Wherever I go, I record the moments, scenes and people.  Some scenes require many quality shots to properly record, due to the changes that occur with the light.  I really enjoy shooting early in the day or as the sun is going down.  With a DSLR, it’s possible to play around with the settings to get some really interesting shots, even when it’s almost dark, and even when there is bright light and deep shadows where I want to see everything in the photo, just as I see it with my eyes.

Smokey Days
September, 2017

Forest fires across the British Columbia interior, Washington State and Oregon have all contributed to a heavy veil of smoke over the southern coast of British Columbia.  Sometimes the sun is invisible, while other times, it creates amazing shades from pink to fiery red.


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